1. Whatcha know bought lighting?

    Whatcha know bought lighting?

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  2. healthy-happy-successful asked: what camera(s) do you use when you are traveling with wtk? p.s.love your work and you are so lucky to get to travel the world as you job!!

    canon 5dmkii

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  3. improbable-dreamers asked: How did your job come to be? like... how did you get the connections and calls?

    mainly just being friendly with people. Instead of bailing right after the show/shoot was over, I’d stick around and hang out, go get food with the bands, things like that. People are more willing to let you shove a camera in their face on a regular basis if they know you.

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  4. dannybites asked: Woah no way! I got cleared to shoot the Houston date for Chiodos and OLN under this little baby online publication. This is gunna be the first "big" show I've been able shoot in a long time. What date are you jumping in on?

    heck yeah man! i jump on the tour the 25th in tampa! so ill see you in houston!

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  5. Manchester killed it! Bravo!

    Manchester killed it! Bravo!

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  6. Stoked to be heading out next week with ‘68 for a little bit!

    Stoked to be heading out next week with ‘68 for a little bit!

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  7. mynameisceece asked: I'm not sure how often you get on here but here's a fun fact: you are one of the reasons I've started getting into concert photography and you do an amazing job. Keep it up! Just wanted to say thanks for being awesome.

    That’s awesome! You gotta do what you love!

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  8. How @mattxmiller feels about me filming him. Photo by @monkeyandsquirrel

    How @mattxmiller feels about me filming him. Photo by @monkeyandsquirrel

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  9. Anonymous asked: so the album was suppose to be about drug addiction?


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  10. Lexi


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